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Everyone had such fun at the chocolate class!  Matthew had a great time teaching the class, as he does with all of his classes. I was getting a little work done during the class but I snapped a few photos (actually a lot!).

That afternoon, before the class, he made these beautiful molded chocolates filled with nuts and other fillings. He used chocolate chips that we had at home for these and melted the chocolate VERY slowly, don’t let the chocolate get above 94 degrees. That way the chocolate doesn’t get out of temper and will harden again.

We found some individual silicon molds at the a kitchen shop in the Pismo 0utlet center. They worked WONDERFULLY and were so easy to clean, and it was VERY easy to pop the chocolates out.

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We are in the midst of the chocolate class and everyone is digging in!  Matthew made some beautiful chocolates this afternoon in preparation.

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