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We canceled our Alternative Baking class next week since we had only a couple of people signed up for the class. Please remember to sign up early so we can plan ahead for the class and prepare!

We have some fun classes coming up this summer that we are excited about! Cookies, cupcakes, and kids classes!  Click here for the links to register.


Saturday, July 23
1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Saturday, August 13
1:00 pm to 3:30 pm


CUPCAKES: Making & Decorating Cupcakes
Thursday, July 14
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

COOKIES: Making & Decorating Rolled Cookies
Thursday, August 18
6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Jill here. I was just uploading some photos of our garden — Matthew and I just spent the weekend planting some pumpkins and tomatoes and I noticed this beautiful photo of a fruit tart!

“The class made that,” Matthew said.

“It’s beautiful!” And I just had to post it!

I was so sorry to have missed the class, I love being Matthew’s sous chef!

See you at the next class!

Matthew and I had a wonderful time at the Brioche class on Thursday!  As you all know, I was a fan of the Mohawk brioche!

Now you will be all set for your wonderful Easter Sunday brunch without making a really sticky mess!  It is sticky, but as Matthew said in the class, he worked on a recipe that is workable at home. Read the rest of this entry »

Everyone had such fun at the chocolate class!  Matthew had a great time teaching the class, as he does with all of his classes. I was getting a little work done during the class but I snapped a few photos (actually a lot!).

That afternoon, before the class, he made these beautiful molded chocolates filled with nuts and other fillings. He used chocolate chips that we had at home for these and melted the chocolate VERY slowly, don’t let the chocolate get above 94 degrees. That way the chocolate doesn’t get out of temper and will harden again.

We found some individual silicon molds at the a kitchen shop in the Pismo 0utlet center. They worked WONDERFULLY and were so easy to clean, and it was VERY easy to pop the chocolates out.

Read the rest of this entry »

We are in the midst of the chocolate class and everyone is digging in!  Matthew made some beautiful chocolates this afternoon in preparation.

Here are some photos from our Baking Ciabatta at Home class
on Thursday, January 13!

Click here for the recipe.

Matthew started with mixing a little active dry yeast for the dough.

Here Matthew is turning some rosemary ciabatta dough out onto his board and sprinkling generously with flour. Read the rest of this entry »

Matthew has been busy this week feeding his starter, infusing his flavored olive oils, baking ciabatta, and getting ready for our class on Thursday!

And our cat Bimota is here helping me blog tonight!

Below are the flavored oil concentrates Matthew has made.

Hm, wonder how Matthew will feel about Bimota taking center stage in this post?

His flavored oil concentrates ARE beautiful, and delicious!

In our class on Thursday we will be handing out jars of starter, flavored oils, and lots of ciabatta!

And if you can’t make it, we will blog more on the making of ciabatta after the class, so stay tuned!

– Jill

Our Baking Ciabatta at Home class is just next week!

Join us on Thursday evening, January 13, and learn to make ciabatta and infused oils at home!

Ciabatta is a delicious rustic Italian bread. The name literally means “slipper.” A little information from The Professional Pastry Chef: Fundamentals by Bo Friberg:

Breads that are made from a very sticky dough, such as this one, are often categorized as rustic due to their rugged appearance. Because the consistency of what you are working with is closer to a paste than a dough … the shape is a result of the baker’s decreased control over forming these loaves compared to traditional bread dough.

Check the CLASS SCHEDULE tab above for more details, or click here.

And Matthew is getting ready, preparing a starter for this wonderful bread. He wasn’t happy with the flour we had, so we went to the new New Frontiers store in SLO to pick up some good “dirty flour,” as Matthew calls it (meaning organic, unbleached bakers flour).

This is a photo of what the starter looked like after three days, before we added the good “dirty” flour.

The starter grew like crazy overnight!  It loved the new flour (sorry, didn’t take a picture of the starter overflowing onto the counter and making the mess it did!).

We will write more on making starter here, or come to our class next Thursday!



Dessert Demonstrations treated the human guests with Kisses (candy) and cookies at the Woods Humane Society Open House on Saturday, December 11, 2010.

All proceeds going back to Woods Humane Society, of course!

We had a blast seeing all the dressed up dogs in line for a picture with Santa!  I even got Matthew to wear a Santa hat.

– Jill

We had a booth at the Wiggle Waggle Walk for Woods on Saturday — it was a gorgeous day!

We served up some much appreciated, and donated, Starbucks coffee to visitors, along with cookies and some of Matthew’s delicious and gooey cinnamon rolls.

I even caught a picture of him eating one, which is rare!  He has spent 30+ years baking sweets and there are just a few sweet delicacies he will indulge in.

His own cinnamon rolls are one of them!

– Jill

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