Everyone had such fun at the chocolate class!  Matthew had a great time teaching the class, as he does with all of his classes. I was getting a little work done during the class but I snapped a few photos (actually a lot!).

That afternoon, before the class, he made these beautiful molded chocolates filled with nuts and other fillings. He used chocolate chips that we had at home for these and melted the chocolate VERY slowly, don’t let the chocolate get above 94 degrees. That way the chocolate doesn’t get out of temper and will harden again.

We found some individual silicon molds at the a kitchen shop in the Pismo 0utlet center. They worked WONDERFULLY and were so easy to clean, and it was VERY easy to pop the chocolates out.

Here is Matthew teaching his class.  This class was very small and so everyone was able to really help out and make the ganache, melt the chocolate for the silicon molds, etc. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

But, as you can see in the photo on the right, above, I didn’t photograph anyone taking the class.  I am a little sensitive to showing people and posting to the Internet until they sign something saying OK!  Silly, since I don’t think anyone would have minded, but it all comes from working on websites professionally, I suppose.

We actually found some cocoa nibs and cocoa butter at New Frontiers.  Below Matthew is showing the class some of the nibs, which is basically crushed, roasted cocoa beans.

Matthew really started having fun at the end of the class by showing them how to make chocolate bowls with a balloon!

Check it out:

Balloon goes into the melted chocolate … then comes out. Dries on a piece of parchment paper then pop the balloon!

If you know my art, you KNOW I love these colors!

Thank you everyone who came!  It was fun!

If anyone has any questions about making chocolate, whether you attended the class or not, just comment here or email Matthew at mimmack@charter.net.

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