Here are some photos from our Baking Ciabatta at Home class
on Thursday, January 13!

Click here for the recipe.

Matthew started with mixing a little active dry yeast for the dough.

Here Matthew is turning some rosemary ciabatta dough out onto his board and sprinkling generously with flour.

Matthew is showing one of his finished loaves of ciabatta, which has a lot of flour on the bottom!  He brushes the excess off before serving.

Be sure to handle the dough very gently so you don’t disturb the bubbles caused by the carbon dioxide produced in the starter — it gives the bread excellent crumb!

Matthew has cut the dough into small loaves.

Matthew is gently dimpling the dough here, and showing how it comes out in the end.

Matthew showing our baking stone, which is just a pizza stone. No need to scrub it clean, just scrape off excess crumbs.