Our Baking Ciabatta at Home class is just next week!

Join us on Thursday evening, January 13, and learn to make ciabatta and infused oils at home!

Ciabatta is a delicious rustic Italian bread. The name literally means “slipper.” A little information from The Professional Pastry Chef: Fundamentals by Bo Friberg:

Breads that are made from a very sticky dough, such as this one, are often categorized as rustic due to their rugged appearance. Because the consistency of what you are working with is closer to a paste than a dough … the shape is a result of the baker’s decreased control over forming these loaves compared to traditional bread dough.

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And Matthew is getting ready, preparing a starter for this wonderful bread. He wasn’t happy with the flour we had, so we went to the new New Frontiers store in SLO to pick up some good “dirty flour,” as Matthew calls it (meaning organic, unbleached bakers flour).

This is a photo of what the starter looked like after three days, before we added the good “dirty” flour.

The starter grew like crazy overnight!  It loved the new flour (sorry, didn’t take a picture of the starter overflowing onto the counter and making the mess it did!).

We will write more on making starter here, or come to our class next Thursday!